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Developments related to the Corona virus

Update: April 7, 2020

General ban on recreational stays at campsites, recreation parks and marinas in Goeree-Overflakkee

Mayor Ada Grootenboer-Dubbelman has decided to introduce a general ban on recreational stays at campsites, recreation parks and marinas. This is in line with the line of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region in the application of the emergency ordinance announced on March 30.

Recreational (night and day) stays are no longer possible at recreation parks, campsites and marinas. Owners and tenants may also no longer carry out maintenance work on their holiday home, caravan, garden or boat. Only owners and / or managers of the campsites, recreation parks and marinas may still carry out maintenance work.

At marinas it is no longer possible to sail in and out. Commercial shipping is still possible. Putting boats from winter storage into the water is also possible.

The aforementioned exceptions to this measure will continue to apply to seasonal workers, permanent residence, recreational overnight accommodation due to demonstrable medical necessity or temporary residence due to moving or divorce.

This measure takes effect immediately, it is already laid down in the emergency decree. However, no enforcement will take place from the municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee before Wednesday 8 April 4 p.m. In this way, communication to those involved about this decision can take place in a good manner. The emergency decree is effective indefinitely.

Update: March 30, 2020

Recreational night stay on campsites, holiday parks and marinas on Goeree-Overflakkee prohibited

On Monday 30 March, the chairman of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region decided to close all campsites and holiday parks in the region. This measure therefore also applies to Goeree-Overflakkee. This is laid down in a new emergency regulation.

New emergency ordinance

After previous measures to limit recreational stays, it is no longer permitted to use seasonal pitchesor camping pitches as of March 27.

The new emergency ordinance goes a step further: all forms of recreational night accommodation at campsites, holiday parks and marinas are prohibited. This applies to both private use and rental. An exception remains for night accommodation by seasonal workers and temporary occupancy, night accommodation due to personal circumstances and care workers who work in the region.

Pressure on healthcare providers

This extra measure will be taken at the explicit request of healthcare providers on the islands of South Holland. They indicate that the pressure on healthcare is already very high at this moment and are not capable to handle any further demand caused by an additional influx of tourists. In addition, many extra measures are already being taken in the region to organize extra care capacity, such as the establishment of Convention entre Ahoy in Rotterdam  as a temporary care location.

New regulations immediately in effect

Tourists who are currently staying at a campsite or holiday park have until Wednesday 1 April 4:00 pm to return home. New guests are immediately send home. With regard to the duration of this measure, regional and national guidelines will be followed.


Mayor Ada Grootenboer-Dubbelman: “With this extra measure we realize the impact for recreation entrepreneurs and tourists, it is drastic. But I am convinced that this decision is necessary in order not to jeopardize the continuity of care and to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus! "

Update: March 27, 2020

Campsites on Goeree-Overflakkee closed

In the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region, which also includes Goeree-Overflakkee, the campsites are closed to prevent recreational use. The chairman of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region has decided this today and is included in the emergency ordinance of Friday 27 March.

Camping sites, camper sites and seasonal sites

Due to the risk of contamination, it has been decided to no longer allow tourist camping. This includes camping pitches, camper pitches and seasonal pitches. For marinas, these are no longer accessible to passers-by, but to permanent berth holders.

These rules will take effect immediately, but in order to give the various parties time to apply them, no enforcement will take place on these subjects within our municipality before Monday 30 March 12:00. The measures apply in principle up to and including 6 April, but with a possible extension.


An exception is made if permanent habitation or habitation by migrant workers is involved, to prevent people from being put on the street. The use of annual pitches and other forms of recreational night accommodation is not prohibited, but everyone is urged to stay at home and not to use it.

Close common sanitary facilities

Keeping communal sanitary facilities open is no longer allowed due to hygiene measures, these must be closed. This applies to campsites and marinas, but also to holiday parks, parks, beaches and nature reserves.

Health top priority

Mayor Ada Grootenboer: “In order not to jeopardize the continuity of care and to prevent the further spread of the corona virus, the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region has taken this decision. It gives more clarity to the camping owners and visitors to our island. I also understand that this decision has a major impact, both on campsite owners and on the people who wanted to spend their holidays on our island. But this measure is really necessary. In addition, I continue to call on people not to come to our island now. The health of our inhabitants and the people who wanted to visit our island has the highest priority. We have a shared responsibility for this. ”

Update: March 23th

Due to the Corona virus (COVID-19), public locations such as museums, restaurants, theaters, sports clubs are closed on Goeree-Overflakkee. The measures apply provisionally until April 6.

Do not come to the campsite, holiday park or marina

The mayor of Goeree-Overflakkee calls on everyone not to come to holiday parks, marinas and campsites. Because of the corona virus, the government has taken various measures to delay the number of infections. It must be the case that too many people have to use the care system at the same time. 

The mayor at Goeree-Overflakkee asks not to come to the campsites, holiday parks and marinas on the island. She wants to emphasize the importance of slowing the spread of the virus and the pressure on healthcare. The safety region of Rotterdam-Rijnmond and the Province of Zeeland have also made this call.

Update: March 19th

These are exciting and unreal times. Where we, as a destination marketing organization normally encourage people to go out, visit events and socialize, the exact oppposite applies in this age of Corona contamination.

A reason to adapt the communication and moments of communication to these circumstances. On the one hand because almost all events have been canceled or postponed for April, on the other hand because we consider it appropriate and necessary to contribute to the public health from our position.
VVV Inspiration Point closed

In line with the advice of VVV Nederland, the VVV Inspiration Point Goeree-Overflakkee is closed until further notice. We put the health of visitors and employees first and like to inform visitors temporarily via other communication channels.
You can find all information about leisure activities on this website. If you want to contact our employees, you can do this by email at and or by phone at +31(0)187-681789.