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Sustainable recreation

Goeree-Overflakkee aims to be an energy-neutral island. We are surrounded by water and strongly connected to nature, and we must ensure that the future generation can also enjoy this beautiful and natural island. More and more accommodations are focusing on sustainability to offer a Co2-neutral or even Co2-negative stay. For example, they focus on using local sustainable building materials, recycled or organic building materials, minimising the use of water and increasingly generating their own energy. With more than two million visitors per year, it is important that the burden on nature and the Co2 footprint associated with it remains as small as possible. Do you want a sustainable holiday? We have listed several accommodations for you. 

The Klepperstee and the Ridderstee

Within walking distance of the Flauwe Werk beach on the North Sea you will find holiday parks The Klepperstee and The Ridderstee. Both parks are located close to Ouddorp-Duin and share facilities such as the brasserie and the natural swimming pond which is filtered with a heliophyte filter. The Klepperstee has six-holiday cabins, and The Ridderstee will have more than 104 spacious holiday homes, the first of which has been available since August 2019. 

All homes are sustainably built and are not connected to the gas grid. The houses are supplied with energy from the nearby 1.8-hectare solar park. The 2,900 solar panels produce more than 800,000kWh of energy annually. All the homes are built by local contractors, which significantly reduces building phases and environmental impact. Staying at The Klepperstee or The Ridderstee means a sustainable stay, in a natural and spacious environment close to the coast with all amenities on hand. 

Qurios ECO Grevelingen beach

On the Grevelingen beach, there are 30 Qurios cabins. The fantastic view of Lake Grevelingen makes the ‘ECO’ in the name ring true. The cabins are sustainably built with organic and circular materials and are also completely self-sufficient. Solar panels, energy transfer between the cabins, refurbished Tesla batteries for energy storage, solar collectors and recycled showers. A stay at Qurios gives you a beautiful view of Lake Grevelingen and a glimpse into the future of recreation.

Green key

On Goeree-Overflakkee both Landal Ouddorp Duin and countryside campsite the Vlugtheuvel hold the Green Key. To receive this certification, accommodations must meet stringent requirements. Think of basic environmental standards, the use of renewable energy, the reduction of residual waste and the purification of wastewater. 

Countryside campsite the Vlugtheuvel

Adjacent to Stellendam you will find Countryside campsite the Vlugtheuvel, close to the nature reserve the Slikken van Flakkee. The spacious campsite has obtained its Green Key Gold certification thanks to separate waste collection, charging facilities for electric cars and corporate social responsibility in the field of employment. The campsite is energy neutral thanks to the 250 solar panels and the green propane gas used. The playing facilities are also made from sustainable materials. Responsible camping!

Landal Ouddorp Duin

The villas at Landal Ouddorp Duin are set up in such a way that the sun heats them; this way, the central heating system is used a lot less. Water-saving measures on taps and in the toilets also ensure that considerable savings are made. The extra tips that hang in the villa ensure that you know what you can do to save money. The houses are cleaned sustainable, and the park has a little outdoor lighting as possible. This way it stays dark, and the biorhythm of humans and animals is disturbed as little as possible. The landscaped creeks are not only fun to see, but are also a smart way to collect rainwater, and can serve as a possible extinguishing water supply.