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Excursions on Goeree-Overflakkee

How better to explore the island than going on an excursion? City guides, nature guides, forest rangers and enthusiastic entrepreneurs will take you all over Goeree-Overflakkee and share their knowledge and expertise. Discover nature and learn all about flora and fauna. There are lots of historical city walks and boat trips to choose from, each very different than the last.

Go a little further

See this week’s catch at the fish market, look for the flamingos with a forest ranger or experience the deafening silence of the Slikken (mudflats) of Flakkee by horse and cart. An excursion will take you further and allow you access to more things. In short, an opportunity you don't want to miss.

Plan your trip and head out

Whether you are looking for the Big Five of Goeree-Overflakkee or an informative day out, Goeree-Overflakkee offers adventure. Browse what is on offer or visit the Tourist Information Inspiration Point in Ouddorp.

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Dreischor - 1 juli till 9 september

Guided tour and wine tasting at wine farm 'de Klein Schorre'

Den Bommel - 18 juli till 29 augustus

Inloopexcursie pluimveebedrijf Eibaar

Ouddorp - 20 juli till 24 augustus

VVV-Rondrit met een luxe huifkar (Jan Plezier)

Goedereede - 23 juli till 27 augustus

Stadswandeling door Goedereede

Brouwersdam, Ouddorp - 2 september

Vollemaanwandeling Grevelingen

Stellendam - 1 september till 30 oktober

Rondleiding visafslag en Stellendamse haven

Ouddorp - 5 september

Natuurbeleving: Korren en stenen keren bij de Brouwerdam

Stellendam - 13 september

Excursie naar vogelobservatorium Tij

Goedereede - 26 september

Kinderexcursie 'Survivaltocht op de Kwade Hoek'

Goedereede - 13 till 20 oktober

Rondleiding koeien en kalfjes knuffelen